Homeopathic College

SMFRI's Vamanrao Ithape Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital

Sangamner Medical Foundation & Research Institute is organization started in 1994 by a reknowned cardiologist of the sangamner city who is basically noble physician wanted to uplift the medical delivery system in the area acknowledged the deficiencies in educational research system.

He started the Institution with likely minded friends & started multispecialty Hospital & Homoeopathic Medical College, Polytechnic College , Pharmacy College & Nursing College.

The college is situated in main city of Sangamner with good infrastructure attached to his own Hospital for clinical training & 43 beded Homoeopathic Hospital & O.P.D. & Rural health Centre and Urban Health Centre at Ghulewadi, Samanapur, Sukhewadi. Regular visits to the schools near by sangamner city. It is spreading knowledge of Homoeopathic system in rural pocket of this area.

Principal's Desk

Dr. Devendra Sheshrao Patil

Vamanrao Ithape Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital is completing 16 years in the field of Homoeopathic education.

Reg. No. Qualification Date of Joining Telephone No. E-Mail ID
23872 M.D.(HMM) 01/09/2012 College (02425) 224864 Fax: (02425) 227490 Mobile 9767102208 / 9545288299 vihmc@rediffmail.com /vihmc2016@gmail.com / devendrapdr@gmail.com / dr.dspatil@yahoo.co.in