Medical Education Programe

Continuous Medical Education Programe

SEMINARS – Campus – Year 2019

1 3 Jan 2019 Dept of Pathology -
Dr. Mahadev D. Argade
Waste Management
2 8 Feb 2019 Mr. Kashinath Dongare Basics in Financial Planning


15 Feb 2019 Dept of Surgery-
Dr. Vaishali Vyavhare &
Dept of FMT-
Dr. Sharmila Gadgil
Interdepartmental Seminar-
Medical Certificates &
Documentation- It’s Homeopathic Application


22 Feb 2019 Dept of Materia Medica - Dr. Arun Rahate Medorrhinum - A  New Perspective


8 Mar 2019 Dr. Ranjit Satpute
Dept of Obstetrics & Gynecology-
Dr. Subhash Mungase
Breast Cancer Awareness
Effects of Modern Lifestyle on Women’s Health & it’s Solutions
6 21-22 Mar 2019 IV BHMS students under the guidance of teachers of Dept of Case Taking and Repertory Classroom Seminar- Borland’s Pneumonia, Allen’s Therapeutics of Fever, Bells diarrhoea, Types of Repertory, Requisite of Case Taking, Difficulty in Acute Case Taking, Difficulty in Chronic Case Taking
7 12 Mar 2019 Dr. Vaishali Kakad,
Dr.Vaishali Gaikawad
Law of Similars: Philosophy, Practice: Cases